Sciblings In NYC Bars: More Photo Evidence

You know, bad karaoke can happen to good Sciblings.

i-e91d166cf8281ad9b19333974aa7e16c-DSC00903 [320x200].JPG

But however distressing some people might find the proceedings, other people will always blend tastefully with the surroundings.

i-8c8c9a6c0659b118273746720e06f1da-DSC00906 [320x200].JPG

Kevin and Karmen just sat back and took it all in.

i-f1c93bde356b12412e7b8eba537cbf8c-DSC00901 [320x200].JPG

As Chris Rowan has reported, Janet is indeed the most clinical of juke box operators. Though she says she just wanted to make sure we were getting our money's worth.

i-6d147ca5b923c9d3adb0ecad4a03ef82-DSC00919 [320x200].JPG

That's what she said when she brought that tray of 5 for $10 shots to the table, too.

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By definition, bad karaoke is good karaoke. And zebra stripes are a great touch.

Is there any limit to how gorgeous Tara looks in photos?! Even if we can only see her stripes!

You were looking at the stripes?

C'mon Zuska. We're scientists. We're allowed to drool over Tara's obvious morphological adaptation to blending in with bar seats.