Some More Links for 3-17-2008

Good stuff from the AWIS Washington Wire:

A new website on reducing stereotype threat.

The engineering of ice cream, from Yale's first female dean of engineering.

"More than half the women in the world live in countries that have made no progress in gender equity in recent years. " See the Gender Equity Index website for more information.

"Women in Europe earn about 43% of doctoral degrees in science, but hold only 15% of senior academic positions." More info in this report.

More like this

I have an idea that migraines and high IQ may be related (wherher causally or not, I don't know). So I was wondering if you had a high IQ. Mine was about 140 (verified by MENSA exam), and I had a lot of migraines. Then I drank heavily for a lot of years and dropped my IQ to around 2 (subjective estimation). Now I don't have migraines anymore (or anything else for that matter)

By Edward Ingram (not verified) on 20 Mar 2008 #permalink