Links for 4-3-2008

Physioprof weighs in on the issue of pseudonymous blogging and "blogging while female" phenomenon. It's a good read.

Peter Sagal, who hosts NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" has a piece on gender inequity in Whoville. It's awesome. An excerpt:

And there's this -- not only does the movie [Horton Hears a Who] end with father and son embracing, while the 96 daughters are, I guess, playing in a well, somewhere, but the son earns his father's love by saving the world. Boys get to save the world, and girls get to stand there and say, I knew you could do it. How did they know he could do it? Maybe because they watched every other movie ever made?

Hat tip to Karen Petersen of the National Girls Collaborative Project, via the WEPAN listserv, for that one.

Why didn't I ever think about bribing my doctoral adviser?

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That confirms it - I am in love with Peter Sagal. But I must add that Harry wouldn't have beaten Voldemort without Hermoine and she was smarter than smart.