An Easy Opportunity to Help Out Donors Choose

For those of you who participated in last fall's Donors Choose challenge - and those of you who didn't! - here is a painless way to help out a really worthy cause.

A media website Seed digs called BigThink is in the middle of a DonorsChoose drive, and Seed has agreed to help them out.

Basically, they've negotiated a deal with Pfizer where for every person who clicks on the "Vote for this video profile" button on this page, Pfizer will give $1 to DonorsChoose, up to $10,000. Unfortunately, they've only raised about $1,200 so far.

To help them reach that $10,000 goal, we're going to try to direct as much of our traffic as possible to click on that button.

They only need 8,800 clicks by the end of August. We can handle that in a couple of days, right? :)

Donors Choose, you may recall, is a great charity that funds projects proposed by K-12 teachers. If all our schools were adequately funded we wouldn't need a charity like Donors Choose. Sadly, we do.

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