Just for Isis...

By request of the domestic and laboratory goddess, I am posting here a picture of my recent acquisition, a pair of ankle boots, as mentioned in my last post. It's no shoe of the week, but it's the best this hairy-legged feminazi can offer.


The adorable cat next to the boots is Bodhi, who often behaves as if he were a dog, so it's appropriate to have him posed next to the Hush Puppies boots. The style is Windermere, almost sans heel as is appropriate for my arthritic toe joints. I did NOT pay $94.95 for my boots, however. $69.95 on sale at Macy's, plus 15% off for using my Macy's card! Yay! That may still be too much, who knows, but the purchase was absolutely necessitated by the extraordinary savings I made on another purchase, see below.

According to this site,

The 'Windermere' ankle boot offers clean and simple style to perfectly complete any cool weather ensemble.

More importantly, it also offers

Cushioned latex footbed with breathable metallic lining and built-in arch cookie for comfort and support.

Arch cookie? Yummmm......

I will be completing my cool weather ensemble on Christmas Eve with these spiffy booties. Yesterday I bought a new dress to wear on Christmas Eve, because we are going to candlelight service with Mr. Zuska's parents. I don't seem to have anything appropriate to wear to a church, a consequence of being out of work for five years and losing twenty pounds or so, which combined to cause all my dress clothes to evaporate. The dress was on sale! Half off! Plus 20% for using my Macy's card! It was practically free! The new dress, of course, did not go with any existing pair of shoes I own. Hence the boots - which cost more than the dress. Plus some new opaque tights in an appropriate shade.

I have been secretly coveting a little pair of ankle boots for about two years but just couldn't justify the expense. Where would I wear them - to the kitchen to make coffee? down to the basement to scoop cat litter? I really hesitated on buying these. I thought, okay, for two years you've wanted ankle boots and now in five minutes you are making a decision that these are it? And then I thought, what the heck. It's not like I can wear any of the really stylish ones, what with the arthritic toes and all. These don't hurt, and they don't look half bad. Not up to domestic and laboratory goddess speed, but they'll do.

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Mmmm... furry legs.
...I mean... nice shoes.

I like these boots for the cold weather, Zuska. Even the domestic and laboratory goddess does not wear 3" heels in the snow. I bring them along for when I get inside, but I have actually been looking for a low-heeled winter weather boot.

Shame on you for thinking I wouldn't like these, sister Zuska!! But, now, where is the picture of the dress?


Okay, if I get super-motivated, I will add a picture of the dress. But see, you would wear these as a low-heeled winter weather boot, whereas I will be wearing them as my dress shoe. Hee!

Yep, CPP, bloggin' about shoes and clothes! I have totally destroyed all my credibility. Don't you see how Isis has RUINED SCIENCEBLOGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!!!!! with her nefarious plot to get us all talking about shoes and clothes? Of course I had no credibility to begin with since I am a hairy-legged feminazi. Oh well.

Don't you see how Isis has RUINED SCIENCEBLOGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!!!!! with her nefarious plot to get us all talking about shoes and clothes?

No, Zuska!! Can't you see that I am just sexing up the joint a little bit so that the boys will like us and let us play too? Isn't that why God gave us teh boobiez?

Lay OFF the muppethugging nutmeg people...sheesh.

By BikeMonkey (not verified) on 23 Dec 2008 #permalink

The boots are great!
Although, bodhi's cuteness does outshine the boots.

And it's the holidays, bikemonkey!
muppethugging nutmeg is the order of the day!

I will henceforth demand "arch cookies" for all of my shoes. They sound supportively delicious.

After two days of extensive wear, I can testify that the boots are both warm and comfortable. I'd highly recommend them to anyone!