Dog days of dissertation writing

Poor Arnie.

As much as Ive disliked writing my dissertation, hes disliked it more.


So as I am trying to write, I either get Cute Bored Arnie:
Cute Bored Arnie

Or Creepy Bored Arnie:

Creepy Bored Arnie

Ive been sitting at the kitchen table to write. If I look over my right shoulder, those glowing eyes are literally what I see looking back at me. For the past few months. :-/

He has been trying to do the best he can to entertain himself. Ive also been ignoring the laundry, so hes decided to build forts out of my dirty clothes:

Tower of Towels
But I am FINALLY pretty much done. Just some editing, making sure the page numbers are right in the table of contents, etc.

SO, this weekend, we got to have a little fun!

Petsmart for new NOMS!





Poor guy :(

This process is hard on everyone :(

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No, I dont mean 'sad puppies', I mean puppies with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Pretty sure Arnies got it. Normally Arnie is a very active puppy. Hes always destroying a Wubba, or stalking a housefly, or plotting ways to break into his food bin, or helping me cook in the kitchen, or standing…
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How indestructible is that Wubba? I'd like to get something similar for Bruno, but I have to buy him the black Kongs because he obliterates the red ones in a matter of minutes.

By Optimus Primate (not verified) on 04 Sep 2013 #permalink

They can be strategically less destructible :)

They squeak, AND the tails make a marvelous 'FLAPPY FLAPPY!!' sound when shaken. So they REALLY stimulate Arnies prey-drive. If left to his own devices, they do not last long.


What I do, is only get Wubba out for actual play-time. Im playing with him, tug-of-war with Wubs, fetch with Wubs, chasing/running with Wubs. He doesnt have time to get into 'DESTROY!!!!' mode.

And then when we are done playing with Wubs, I put it away, and give him a Nylabone or something to chew on.

That being said, once the Wubba is destroyed, there still is a lot of play left in it. We call ball-less Wubbas 'Wubba carcasses', and they still do the wonderful 'FLAPPY FLAPPY!!!' thing, so Arnie still likes to play with them too :) The material is pretty tough.

I thought Arnie had a puppy companion? Or am I mistaken.

Arnie definitely needs a kitty to snuggle with. Maybe Grumpy cat is looking for a part time job cheering up sad and bored dogs?

By Heinz Pierce (not verified) on 06 Sep 2013 #permalink