Link love - RNA Nobels Edition

Well this year was a big year again for RNA at the Nobels. Both prizes were essentially given to RNA dependent processes. In the case of Telomerase, an RNA molecule, Telomerase RNA (hTR or TERC), acts as the template strand to help Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT) elongate the end of the telomere. Here's a great vid explaining the whole process:

In the case of the Ribosome - well it is only the granddaddy of all ribozymes. To illustrate this point, here's a great video from the Steitz Lab with an incredible soundtrack:

(HT: Sunil)

Links to essay's on this year's Medicine & Chemistry Nobels:

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If you've composed a post on this year's Nobels in "Medicine or Physiology" or "Chemistry", leave your link in the comment section.

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