Funny Brain Sign

Maybe I should take this advice seriously before I write blog posts ;)


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We could totally use some of these at work. Although management might take them down because they're "Unapproved signage" it would be funny as hell.

Long ago, I worked in a company that worried a lot about "unapproved signage". We were building specialized graphics systems on top of minicomputers (yes, THAT long ago), and tradition in the group was that the computers required names. A project with three minis, for instance, might have Simon, Theodore, and Alvin, or Huey, Dewey, and Louie. We also liked to post the usual ironic comics that get noticed by a bunch of geeks. We solved the problem by setting up our workstations on the backside of the minis, where we could post to our hearts'content. Management never went back there, because all those cables and circuit card racks looked complicated.