Happy B-Day PZ!


Happy Birthday old man Myers!


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Today is PZ Myers' 51st birthday. We've done it last year and the year before. As I did last time, I will collect a linkfest of all the posts - especially those that use the LOLCats generator (Greg has collected some pictures if you want to use them). First out of the starting gate: Greg Laden:…
This is supposedly the earliest known octopus, being from the middle Jurrasic, found in France.  Think old.   Happy birthday, PZ Myers!
On this day in 1957, A magnitude 9.1 earthquake shook the Andreanof Islands in Alaska, the second strongest quake in U.S. history (although Alaska would not become the 49th state until more than a year later), generating a tsunami that hit the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat…
First things first: Happy birthday, PZ Myers! (MOAR LOLPZ?) Next things next: The Borg Overlords are working on a replacement for that "most active/most emailed" thing in the sidebar - one that gives more exposure to good posts from us wee little borgians, and less to gratuitous celebrity pix. The…

Spelt whose name incorrectly? John's or PZ's or ?

And if you misspell a name incorrectly, then is it correct?

It is sad when a Fortune Cookie Factory explodes all over your blog.