Funny Brain Dog

This is photoshopped right?!


Gosh I hope so! I'd be too embarrassed to take this little bugger for a walk! You need a cute dog to pick up girls at the park.


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You need a cute dog to pick up girls at the park.

Speak for yourself.

By Alexandra (not verified) on 10 Mar 2008 #permalink

wow, I was hoping there would be something else on the link to make sense of this haunting picture. but no. no science of the universal over-pruniness of a new born hila monster, or pug. Just brain dog. at least it isn't looking at me, is it?

It is a Sharpei. Soon it will have fur, and some of the wrinkles will smooth out.

Wow, a dog that's been bred for maximum surface area to volume ratio. That's something you don't see every day :S