Want to be a Sb Super Reader?

i-9d4daad184470ef278692bce2e35ac46-con_SuperReader.jpgScienceBlogs is starting a new feature: The ScienceBlogs Super Reader Club. Of Two Minds gets to choose two lucky readers to participate. So what is this anyway?

From Ginny:

Every week, each Super Reader will tag three favorite posts from the entire ScienceBlogs network. These tagged posts will go into a constantly updated RSS feed that gets displayed on the ScienceBlogs.com homepage. (All of this will be run using a shared del.icio.us account, where you install bookmarking buttons in your browser that make tagging posts quite simple. Should you accept, we'll send you detailed instructions later on how to set that up.)

There may be other Sb Super Reader activities in the future, but for now it basically just means a commitment to tag approximately three posts per week.

Sound cool? Want to join the club? Leave a comment or shoot us an email and we might be able to nominate you as a Super Reader :)

Also... don't forget to head on over to Page 3.14 to participate in this weeks quiz/poll.

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It's an interesting idea. I'm not sure if you've got your two suckers already, or what the qualifications are, but I'm intrigued.

I already subscribe to the Sb "firehose" feed of all content and have used Del.icio.us before, so it wouldn't be too cumbersome to tag interesting posts. I'm more or less doing it already.

I assume that most Sb bloggers will be choosing frequent and insightful commentators as their SuperReaders? Were you given any special criteria to help guide your selections (that you can share)?