The biggest cross I've ever freakin' seen

This is seriously the biggest most obnoxious cross I've ever seen. It is on (If I remember correctly) route 70 in Illinois about halfway between St. Louis and Champaign. Praiiiiiiiizzzzze Jeeeezus!!!!


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These damn things are going up all over the place . . . I have seen 'em in Texas, Tennessee, and I know I am forgetting some others.

By Todd Fife (not verified) on 16 Jun 2008 #permalink

There's several like this in Texas too- I have distinct memories of seeing several of the "world's largest crosses" on my drive across country, generally on the emptiest stretches of road.

This begs the obvious question: is there some sort of world record registry for giant wooden religious icons? It's very tempting to buy a plot of farmland and a Spaghetti Monster stencil...

Biggest you've ever seen? That one's supposedly the largest in the US, around 200 feet or so...

May I point you to this. Its the largest in the world, around 500 feet!

this is the same one, right?

"The Cross at the Crossroads was built with a record in mind - according to the couple running the welcome center that day, the Foundation looked at the other World's Largest, and built theirs 2 feet taller."

There are two just like it in Tennessee along I-75... one's right next to a porn store.

I think that is where they crucified Paul Bunyan.

::sigh:: I live in Illinois and went past that thing on a family trip. My parents thought it was impressive...I found it utterly obnoxious.

By DragonGirl (not verified) on 21 Jun 2008 #permalink

If there are congregations out there that have a biggest cross contest.. that's not what it's about.

By Pianoforte (not verified) on 07 Oct 2008 #permalink

Even though this cross looks impressive, i really like the one in groom, Tx a whole lot better so much history and praise going on in groom.