The trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

I haven't been blogging much lately... here's why:

There are some dirty pictures in this set (safe for work...don't worry) - can you spot the theme?

If you don't want to futz with this little widget feel free to check out the park pictures on my flickr site or some of the other great ones like Big Bend National Park, Russia, or Nepal.


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I'm totally jealous! Looks like an amazing trip.

Ah, fond memories of the homeland - we'd have our dept research retreat up there during the 1st week of June. My grad student took her folks up around Estes and they were so enthralled by the chainsaw carved bears that she actually bought one for them at Christmas.

Wow, I can almost feel the very cool, dry morning air. You lucky bastard, Higgins.

Have fun, be safe, and thanks for the photos.