The taste of the Star Wars Imperial March - if you had synaesthesia

i-75fa6f7cebb4145668724f37f5a52b36-steve_icon_medium.jpg Thanks to a reader, Daniel Keogh, we have a wonderful video detailing what the Imperial March from Star Wars would taste like to one particular synaesthete who has some particularly odd sensation pairings.

Check it out:

The Professor Funk also has a whole bunch of other entertaining looking videos about other aspects of science. We give them 4 thumbs up. I never did understand why Ebert, et. al. could only ever give a single thumbs up. After all there were two people with four total thumbs. Meh whatever, not everyone can be as awesome as Shelley and I.

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I used to taste cherry flavored juicy-juice whenever I heard country music. I suppose that's more of a basic formation of associations, though.

Star Wars must taste awful for that woman. I wonder if she eats with noise canceling headphones on, or if that's not necessary because only intervals trigger a taste.

They say the video is "no longer available" :-(

I've got some sort of malformation in my head, that causes epilepsy and synesthesia too. It's very similar to the lady's: I feel sounds. May sound so cool at first, but it's awful... You go down the street, hear the screech of a car, and it's like getting stabbed in the middle of your lower back. And it's all too often.
But then you come home, you hear beethoven and you love it.

Marto- I experience something similar. Certain sounds I can feel ever time in the same part of the body (screeching makes te back of my neck itchy,etc) but when listen to music I like, its so...euphoric and I see colours and shapes and the physical response then is just so comforting. Its like I feel nothing could make me feel better or worse than the particular sound. I often wear headphones and my ipod though to drow out outer sounds that bother me so much. Some big sounds like symphonies, etc are just too overwhelming. I don't do concerts!

By dhumaigobae (not verified) on 20 Aug 2008 #permalink

When I was a kid, I had a couple of very specific crossovers. The feel of a feather tasted salty (but not the other way around), and bitter things tasted black (not just bleccchhh), but only if the bitter taste was really strong. When I tried to explain that to other people, they looked at me as if I'd just come from the moon.

@ #4 Charlie (Colorado): Actually, he had it right. "Meh whatever, not everyone can be as awesome as Shelley and I [are]." "I" is the subject of the dependent clause.

OTOH, every time I hear "between you and I," I want to strangle someone. It should be "between you and me." It's a prepositional phrase, and "me" is one of the objects of the preposition, not a subject.

Of course, language evolves. Spoken (informal) usage evolves much faster than (formal) written usage. I suspect that eventually "between you and I" and "as awesome" will become proper written usage.

My pedantry can beat up your pedantry, nyaah nyah nyah nyaah nyaaaaaaah. :-)

By themadlolscien… (not verified) on 20 Aug 2008 #permalink

Sweet video. Where did you find it? I bookmarked your blog for later.

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