Nifty Fifty Speaker Carol Reiley is on the Cover of MAKE Magazine!

i-386056dd3d7c700bd00c45985f790e8a-M29_cover_FP.jpg AT&T Sponsored Nifty Fifty Program Speaker and Surgical Roboticist Carol Reiley made the recent cover of MAKE Magazine! She is the first female engineer to make the cover of the magazine. Volume 29 of MAKE features an interview and two articles co-authored by Carol.

Carol, a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University's Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory, is at the forefront of research which is ushering in a new age of technology called teleoperated robotics in which scientists, physicians and other professionals located miles away can operate robots with great precision in distant or dangerous locations via sophisticated advances in computer science, engineering and remote control technology.

Congratulations to Carol!


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