Role Models in Expo's 'Meet the Scientists/Engineers' Are Ready to Inspire Your Kids! Another Amazing Opportunity for Teachers Too!

Imagine the opportunity for your kids to chat one-on-one with some of the nation's top scientists, engineers and other professionals in such fields as medical research, the CIA, oceanography, microbiology, and technology intellectual property law!

i-fb25fb3d805409121075fa3533200faa-phoca_thumb_l_sfk-0348-thumb-300x200-73826.jpgThey'll get the chance at the finale Expo at the end of this month when the Festival, in association with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), hosts its Meet the Scientists/ Engineers sessions. These informal gatherings, part of the Festival's STEM Career Pavilion initiative, will allow students to conduct in-person interviews with a wide range of experts for one-hour periods to receive valuable information on careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

With more than 200 professionals (representing numerous institutions and organizations) already signed up for Meet the Scientists/Engineers sessions, we are ready to make these gatherings especially exciting and rewarding for kids and others.

Here is a sampling of just some of these exciting sessions with role models that will inspire your students at the Expo's Career Pavilion:

Advancing Science, Serving Society.
New scientific discoveries are made every day! What is the future of science? How can you become a part of it? Come meet scientists from many different fields at AAAS Meet the Scientists, and talk to researchers about what they are working on right now. Ask your questions, and find out what it is like to be a scientist.

The CIA's Scientists!
Come meet the creative men and women scientists from the Central Intelligence Agency whose daring and innovation helps to keep America safe. CIA officers will be on hand to talk about their backgrounds, their careers, and the exiting work they do for our country.

What's it Like to be a Woman in Science?
Representatives from AWIS (The Association for Women in Science) will provide answers. These scientists from different fields of study will tell how they became interested in science and give insight into the many options available today for females in such fields!

Encounters in Engineering.
Talk with Lockheed Martin engineers who work on high-tech projects that make a profound difference in our world: from space systems and high-performance airplanes to clean energy solutions and cyber security.

Protecting the World's Creative Property.
The field of Intellectual Property involves protecting the world's treasure trove of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade Secrets in science, technology and other areas -- from Disney to Amgen. Meets experts from Intellectual Property Law Professionals (IPLP) to discover what's involved with this fascinating area.

Meet the Microbiologists!
Scientists from the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) will regale you when they unveil their rendition of "Giant Microbes" after answering questions about the many exciting fields in this area of laboratory science.

Learn What Physicists Really Do.
From researching chaos to making policy for Hollywood superhero movies, you'll discover from scientists at the American Institute of Physics and other experts that physicists are involved in a wide range of exciting endeavors.

Careers in Ocean Science.
Come talk with a dynamic group of scientists, engineers, artists, educators and other professionals from the Consortium of Ocean Leadership whose career efforts are devoted to advancing our understanding of the ocean and the Earth.

Explore the Diversity of STEM.
You'll be impressed by the diversity of individuals (gender, ethnicity and national origin) making valuable contributions in science, engineering and mathematics. Meet one-on-one with these professionals from SEM Link as they tell you about their jobs and how they became professionals in these fields!

Inside the NIH.
The renowned National Institutes of Health (NIH) is involved with researching a plethora of medical conditions and issues -- from the human genome to asthma and AIDS. Let experts from this agency take you inside of what they do each day, and discover the exciting frontiers in NIH that you can pursue!

Note: In addition to the Meet the Scientists/Engineers sessions, the Festival's STEM Career Pavilion initiative also provides other opportunities for students to further enhance career preparation in STEM, including internship and mentoring resources, and College Fair and Job Fair avenues. For more information, visit this link.


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