Coming up at the USA Science & Engineering Festival this Weekend!

Discover the STEM Power of Lockheed Martin at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in April

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pilot the F-35 or a flying robot? Or how cold it is in Antarctica (a region known as the most frigid place on Earth)? In addition to what the next big thing in batteries is, and can medicine really be  personalized for every individual? At Festival Expo 2014 you'll experience the answer to these and other questions in unforgettable ways with founding and presenting sponsor of the Festival, Lockheed Martin through exciting interactive, activities in six different innovation themes: advanced aeronautics, scientific discovery, energy, robotics, nanotechnology, and cyber world (data analytics).  Visitors will also not want to miss piloting a blimp through a challenging virtual reality course to rescue a stranded team member; learning how structured light, lasers, and optics are used to capture motion and track movements for video games and robotics research; and testing out very scientific phenomena with super soakers!

At the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo: Learn From Mike Rowe of TV's Dirty Jobs How Skilled Trades  Are Packing a Powerful Punch!

Skilled trade jobs are not only high-paying and in-demand, but powerful forces in STEM. In a must-see panel presentation conducted by Mike Rowe, star of TV's Dirty Jobs series and founder and CEO of the  mikeroweWorks Foundation, you'll discover at the Festival Expo in April how skilled trades are making a dramatic difference in myriad sectors of the real world. The panel will include such skilled trade notables as: Mark Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of TechShop, a global leader in the Maker/DIY movement; agricultural innovator Sue McCloskey, co-owner of Fair Oaks Dairy Farms in Indiana -- one of the largest dairy farms in the United States that uses both commercial and organic farming practices, much of it made possible by skilled labor technology; and noted marine biologist and inventor  Jeremiah Sullivan, founder of SharkArmor Tech which is using skilled trades to further develop the life-saving and world-famous flexible suits of armor he invented to protect divers while working around sharks.

Delve Into the Mysteries of the Paranormal at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in April

Since the dawn of civilization humans have been fascinated by paranormal phenomena, such as predicting the future, UFOs and conversations with the dead, but how much of these occurrences can be logically explained by scientific approaches involving STEM? Get ready for an unforgettable presentation at the Festival Expo when Dr. Joe Schwarcz, a noted chemist and Director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society, explores if these phenomena really lie outside the scope of modern day science. His presentation will also be highlighted by various interactive activities aimed at increasing the awareness of the need to evaluate paranormal phenomena through critical scientific methods.

Chevron Brings Its Dynamic STEM Zone to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in April

Boasting 3,600 square feet of hands-on excitement in STEM, Chevron's STEM Zone is one of the most interactive science exhibits in the nation. This April, Chevron, a major sponsor of the Festival, will be bringing the 'Zone' to the Festival Expo, affording young learners and others to a smorgasbord of STEM immersion -- ranging from Fab Lab demonstrations in bridge design and construction to the Hydrogen Car Challenge Workshop and unforgettable experiences in electronic circuitry.   Chevron's STEM Zone is one of more than  3,000 hands-on, interactive exhibits and activities that will be showcased April 26-27 at the Expo by more than 1000 leading science institutions and organizations from around the nation.

Nate Ball of PBS's Design Squad Brings Superhero Engineering andthe Science of Beatboxing to USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo

Nate Ball, the host of PBS's award-winning series Design Squad, isn't just any engineer: he's also an All-American pole vaulter, a nationally competitive beatboxer, and a co-inventor of the ATLAS Powered Ascender: an actual version of Batman's grappling hook rescue system. Get ready at Festival Expo 2014 in April when he combines such passions into an unforgettable stage show replete with science demonstrations of real-life superhero gear and some of the best beatboxing in the country. His presentation will rock your world!

Meet Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist William Phillips at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in April

It's not everyday that students and others get the chance to meet a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.  But they'll get that opportunity at the Festival Expo in an exciting way when noted physicist William Phillips presents a dynamic stage show covering Einstein's theory of relativity, atomic clocks, light, liquid nitrogen and other fascinating areas of physics. Dr. Phillips was the co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 for his contributions to laser cooling, a technique to slow the movement of gaseous atoms in order to better study them. At the Expo, he joins an exciting compendium of other noted achievers, leaders and visionaries in STEM to help science come alive for young learners and the general public.

At the USA Science & Engineering Festival, AAAS Takes You Inside the ¨Science of Our Senses¨ 

Our five senses are the focus of some of the most exciting research in neuroscience today. Be at the Festival Expo in April when the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) presents a fascinating array of stage shows titled "Brain Meets World: The Science of Our Senses." Featuring some of the most noted scientists in sensory perception, these presentations will demonstrate everything from how how our brains perceive and interpret language and music, to how we taste food, and what the fly and bark beetle can teach us about the evolution of our senses. Research presenters will include: Robert Slevc, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Maryland, College Park; Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Professor of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University; Daphne Soares, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park; Gwyneth Card, neuroscientist  at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Christopher Cross, doctoral student in Neuroscience at Howard University.

Top Authors in STEM Converge at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Book Fair in April 

There's nothing like a good, exciting science-inspired book to stimulate the mind. At the Festival Expo's Book Fair hosted by Anderson's Bookshops, April 26-27, you'll meet some of the nation's top authors in this genre -- maestros who are inspiring readers, young and old alike, in the wonders of STEM. Don't miss the chance to experience such authors as:

Nate Ball, host of PBS's Design Squad, and author of the popular children's science book series Alien in My Pocket, a space alien adventure; Melina Bellows, author and Chief Creative Officer of National Geographic's Books, Kids and Family divisions; Rebecca Klemm, whose Numbers Alive! book is demystifying numbers and math for children and adults alike; engineer Saul Griffith, co-author of Howtoons -- a children’s comic book series about building your own science and engineering gadgets; Tammy Enz, author of Batman Science; and Jason Chin, an acclaimed author and illustrator whose current work is titled, Gravity.

Immerse Yourself in DIY Technology at theUSA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in April

The DIY and Maker Movement are helping to inspire a new generation of average Americans to build and invent viable technological creations of their own. At the Festival Expo Finale, you'll meet the some the top individuals and organizations in the country who are driving this movement! Be at the Expo to experience the dynamic hands-on DIY exhibits by these and other innovators: Makers Toolbox -- learn to make your own toys; Technology Will Save Us -- create your own innovations in electronics, music gaming, sports and other fields; TechShop -- realize your DIY dreams in 3D printing, special effects, plasma cutting and quilting; MAKE --  tweak, hack and bend any technology to your will; and the St. Louis School --  meet exciting, budding DIY innovators of tomorrow!

Scientific American Brings Its Excitement to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Under the Theme, 'Helping Curious Minds Achieve'

Scientific American is one of the nation's most venerated publications, especially for its ability to inspire readers across a broad spectrum in science and technology. Get set as Sci Am brings this excitement to the Festival Expo in April under the theme of ¨Helping Curious Minds Achieve Great Things.¨You'll definitely want to catch these and other must-see exhibits by Scientific American experts:  Citizen Scientist with noted paleontologists Jason Osborne and Aaron Alford; Bring Science Home which features interactive activities from Sci Am's popular website that parents can try at home with kids, and Frontiers of the Mind, which introduces students to a dynamic program that allows them to edit a real scientific paper for publication!


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