Is Stephen Sizer a jack-booted, censorship-loving, anti-Jewish hate-monger?

From my pal Arikia, I learned of a disturbing case in the UK. A blogger over there has been posting information about Stephen Sizer, an Anglican vicar and holocaust denier. The vicar apparently felt so threatened by the dissemination of his own ideas that he called the cops.

According to various news and blog reports, Sizer is cozy with terrorists and neo-fascists.

I don't know much about this guy, but he apparently is very active in anti-Israel activities that have blended into frankly anti-Jewish activities. He has apparently take his concern for the plight of Palestinians and thrown up his hands at the thought of a real peace. He has bought into the idea of a zero-sum game in the Middle East, and he has chosen his side in that game, denouncing other Christians who have shown "support" (meaning, apparently, acknowledgement) for Israel.

Well, Sizer, you can try to use your jack-booted, neo-fascist intimidation tactics in Yorkshire, but your past subjects over here won't put up with that kind of behavior. As far as I can tell, you, Sizer, are a thug, an anti-semite, and a hate-monger. You should be ashamed.

Oh, and where's the Anglican church in all this? Does he belong to them? If so, and if they haven't spoken up about him, then his views are their views.

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The Anglicans are currently split about gays yes/no, so I doubt they want to open another internal front with Israel yes/no.

This guy has got nothing to do with the Anglican Church. 2 minutes with Google and you could have worked that out for yourself!

By corydoras (not verified) on 25 Jan 2010 #permalink

Oh, look, he's a homophobe to boot. Nice. Classy.

Looks like he's part of the "we're going to leave if you don't kick out the affirming congregations, because gay stuff is icky" wing of the church; there's not much point in the more civilized part of the Anglican Church worrying about losing people by calling out anti-Semitism, when they're about to leave because the Anglicans are trying to teach love and brotherhood.

Here's the original blog post:

Now it seems to me that Sizer is an anti-Zionist.

But after that I'm not entirely sure what to think. The above blog is certainly a Zionist blog. I have seen no evidence that Sizer is a Holocaust denier. And I find that Zionists here in the West can be quick to accuse those who criticize Israel of antisemitism.

He has certainly had a run-in with Melanie Phillips, for instance:…

Maybe Sizer really is as vile as he is made out to be. But I find that the truth on these issues can be somewhat harder to find. For every real anti-semite accused correctly, there are people like Juan Cole accused incorrectly, for instance.

So I'm going to wait until we hear more than one side of the story.

I would generally agree, except that in reading his stuff so far, he is very quick to accuse people of defamation, and he sent the fucking cops after a blogger.