Trends, figures and the like, for this thing we call the Truth

O.K. people - it's got legs, this thing called the truth.

Look at the trend so far: The day after this thing was started, we were at a rank of #310. Then 307 the next day, and then the site actually dissappeared for a day or so from Google itself. Two days ago, we returned and had jumped to #173, and today - today we are at #36!

Here it is in glorious graph form.


What I'm saying, is that we still need folks to play for us to hit the number one spot. Which, I think, is now potentially within reach. As well, what about posts of your own that discuss the validity of the points addressed. I'm surprised the edits so far have mainly dealt only with Wilco. Were we so spot on, that the rest of the points suffice? Really now?

What about Art? What about truths in computer programming or mathematics?

Please discuss. Or better yet, host a discussion and let us know.

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