Gin is better than Whiskey. Truth experiment continues.

It's interesting to me that in this little truth game we have going, it seems that most of the activity generated happened around the single statement concerning Wilco. Now that we've come up with a statement that seems to reflect the "general" sentiment about this band, things have gotten quiet lately.

Still, the ranking for truth (on has appeared to settle at around #18, 19 or 20. So what to do to jump start things again?

Well, I think we can edit the line about "global warming," given the IPCC report (pdf) officially released yesterday, but maybe more importantly, we can add an additional non-sequitor type statement to the mix (this being in line with the Chuck Norris theory of goofyness requirement for viral propogation).

So, what to add...what to add?

Hows'about something about food and beverage? I know, I know - maybe too obvious, but let's see if it does anything...

Go see the latest version of the truth to see, and click here for previous edits and their reasonings.

p.s. the liquor reference is indebted to the Scienceblog community generally, and I'll leave it at for now.

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You may be #18 on, but you're #5 on :)

I have serious reservations about gin being better than whiskey. Better for what purpose? In my case, it's better at getting me high faster, but it's definitely not better tasting. And, of course, whisky (Scotch) is better than all other whiskeys.

I second that. It should be Whiskey is better than Gin.

I think trying to compare whiskey (whisky) to gin is fruitless. Each has its place. Furthermore, are we comparing Canadian Mist to Junipero? Or Sazaerac 18-Year Old Rye to Seagram's Gin? Manhattan or Martini? A Blood and Sand or a Pegu Club? Hot or cold? Before or after a meal? Out with friends or home alone? There are too many variables to choose.

> whisky (Scotch) is better than all other whiskeys

Nope. Irish >>> Scotch

By John Lynch (not verified) on 03 Feb 2007 #permalink

Gin is certainly better than whiskey if you're making gin & tonic, but otherwise it may depend.

A truth reputed to have come from an elderly grappa maker on his deathbed, whispered into his son's ear: "Grappa can be made even from grapes."

the fact that most all the people who i know that contend that gin is better than whiskey usually don't care what is that gets them drunk makes me know for certain that a well aged whiskey is superior to any gin; besides what the hell are juniper berries anyway.

By yes, whiskey i… (not verified) on 03 Mar 2007 #permalink