Buckminsterfullerene: the song - it's dreamy.


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Thanks so much for all the great feedback with the Mitochondria song, and as promised, I picked a request from the comments for my next attempt at song writing. Specifically, this one:


That's right - we're talking about the Buckminsterfullerene!


Here is the demo mp3 for your listening pleasure (might be best with headphones), and the lyrics reprinted for all to see below:

it's the craziest thing you've ever seen

C60 in my dreams
It's a real life chemical celebrity scene

Good enough to catch a nobel prize
But more than that it's easy on the eyes.

it's the prettiest ball you've ever seen

C60 haunts my dreams
Floating around in space between

Good enough to catch the nobel prize
But more than that, it's easy on the eyes.

Buckminsterfullerene (repeat)

For some reason, when I pictured the iconic buckyball, I thought that a lazy almost dreamy kind of sound would suit it best. Again, not loving my voice, but I'm having quite a bit of fun doing this, and it's amazing what you can do with Apple's Garageband software and 2 or so hours (for those interested in these types of things, the song has 1 guitar track for the intro, 2 guitar tracks for the main chords, and 1 extra guitar track for the odd embellishment here and there. Oh yeah, and one main vocal track, and I tried an additional reverb track for part of the chorus).

Anyway, like before, it comes to this: I need another topic - and know that the next song is going to be a fast one.

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How about solar powered robots? That would be a good fast song!

You should write a song about the whole Jenny McCarthy and Oprah thing.

What about Fractals? Lots of variety there!