The Terrifying Miracle of Life

A family friend recently found some cockatiel eggs in their pair's cage. One hatched and this little alien emerged. All photos courtesy of Tom Deering.

90 minute old baby cockatiel

4 day old baby cockatiel

2 week old baby space alien

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Very well done photos - nicely cared for birds. Be careful with the towels though, sometimes looped materials catch little birdy toes and I've seen fragile legs and feet with some serious damage.

Flat surfaced, soft materials, even layers of paper towels are great options.

Keep up the good work and congratulations!

Rev. Dr. S.A. Abbott (The Birdlady)

My parrakeets eggs just hatched... how long till they come out of the nest... and how do i tell if it they are boy and girls... cute pictures though calling it a space alien isn't nice... your pictures are #1 on google... they show up under 4 day old parrakeet... so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
and please answer my questions