Snails versus Slugs (and Friends)!

We have brought you the outstanding time lapse photography of Mochimochi Land in the past, but these new works are breathtaking.

i-8e1f21622d563d47288617540629a603-snails and slugs.jpg

i-d034a1ec567be938c69971fd9b42aa2a-snails and slugs wrestling match.jpg
No-holds-barred snail on slug rumpus!

i-0570c2f80b172a16298e2b615c965c51-snails and slugs the great foot race1.jpg
"The Great Foot Race!"

Friends below the fold

i-668b8b5a21f7a13f1ec6749f33b05ef4-snails and slugs the great foot race.jpg

i-14ac42e4018bcd74351c31eee45d51ca-chicken or the egg.jpg
Reversible chicken and egg. If only life were so easy.

"Beware the Ninjabun...He's covert, sneaky, and hungry!"

i-5d1136172bc7259dcdfdfebdf83e5276-fat butterfly.jpg
"The world's fattest butterfly thinks it might be time for a diet. The flowers agree."

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