Intestinal Parasite Caught on Tape!

Today, Zooillogix takes you deep inside Benny's colon to reveal a writhing round worm!


Ladies - Here's a tip. Benny is just as cute on the outside as the inside!

Thanks to Craig McClain for sharing?

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What's a round worm doing on tape? Tape worms go on tape; roundworms go on CDs.

if you eat it, it cures autism !!!!

Chez made a funny.

I wish you would have told us a bit more about this. There was no explanation on the video.

Who usually gets worms of this size? Does this look like the esophagus, or is it the intestine? Are these worms living in the stomach, in order to be coming up through the esophagus?

I found this very interesting, but as a biologist, I would like you to add some commentary just by way of your opinion, or suppositions looking at the video.

Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

Interesting, so what do these worms do? Eat our food as it goes down, or eat bits of us?

Chezjake - that made me laugh :D.