Zooillogix Passes Judgement: Deep Sea News Is Permitted to Live!

Zooillogix is a huge fan of Deep Sea News and for once in our lives, the feeling is mutual (go to hell Davina Josco from 2nd grade). Deep Sea News asked Zooillogix to weigh in on our favorite DSN posts from 2007 about five weeks ago and Benny finally got around to it yesterday! Today DSN has posted the results, which we definitely suggest you check out. See if you can guess which selections and comments are ours?!

The Judges

You can link to Deep Sea News and just read the Jan. 7th posts, or, if this is being read in some sort of time capsule 500 years in the future, you can link directly to the three posts that comprise the results:

Best DSN Post 2007

Best Photo, Video and Other Assorted Stuff on DSN 2007

Best and Worst Conservation News, New Discovery, and Craig McClain Nude

Information on the judges (below the fold):

Jim Lemire of from Archaea to Zeaxanthol, dedicated teacher and warper of young minds, inordinate fondness of rum and Darwin, forced students to read DSN, potentially saltier than me

Christina Kellogg, fanatical for microbial theme weeks, repository for 80's culture, masochistic government employee, actually reads DSN, definitely smarter and more attractive than me

The Brothers Belimann of Zoologix, passionate about forbidden passions, vaudevillian humorists except on Tuesdays, actually triplets who molt on Tuesdays, may have heard of DSN, liable to be more insane than me

Sheril Kirshenbaum of The Intersection, ghostwriter of the Republican War on Science and some book on hurricanes, triple threat as singer/songwriter/dancer, the person you love to hate because they're good at everything but can't because they're actually nice, heard of DSN first when I emailed her to be a judge, absolutely signs more autographs than me

David W. Kerstetter, spends most of time thinking about fish, spend rest of time thinking about fish thinking, raised by manatees in Belize rescued by a magical marlin who transported him to Florida, wrote 11 pages on J-style hooks but completely ignored the dreaded O-hook, reads DSN out of pity, probably eats more fish than me

MikeG, microbial DJ extraordinaire, like Christina with a great big bushy beard, wanted to be brewmaster but went for fame and fortune with USGS, reads DSN but doesn't generally want others to know, same blood type and potential organ donor for me

Kevin Zelnio of the Other 95%, the Frasier of DSN, more talented but not as cute as Justin Timberlake, 15 time winner of the Southeast Pennsylvanian Noodling Jamboree, taught his children how to make macaroni sculptures of invertebrates, only reads DSN to see if we plugged his blog, only links to DSN when he references his old posts here, when he gets his Ph.D. will be a cooler, smarter, younger version of me.

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I have to thank Zooillogix and Deep Sea News for some of the most fascinating reading I've done on the web this year. As a Scuba diver who isn't diving at the moment, you have both kept my interest alive and kicking and I love you both :-)

By Hilary Minor (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink

Zooillogix Passes Judgement: Deep Sea News Is Permitted to Live!

I'm glad you are going to let them live! LOL! Deep Sea News is a wonderful blog! I look forward to every time I get to land over there. Yours is great too! Keep up the good work!
Dave Briggs :~)

By Dave Briggs (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink