Weird Fish Tanks

A not at all exhaustive collection of cool bizarro aquariums.

i-8833a0a7b488ed86574e7a6f3d542183-bubble fish tank.jpg
Modular fish tank

i-e932ab2bea340bf97b5582d2546606cb-toilet fish tank.jpg
Toilet tank. Kind of like fish purgatory.

The Fish-Bird Tank-Cage

many more below the fold...

i-160c65fdbdda33e5a42319028f73eb37-Fish Tank Sink.jpg
Sink tank

i-f9f78a51083d3f0a56490522903de763-rich peoples living room fish tank.jpg
The sophisticated ichthyologist's sitting room

i-8db2ad9221b956ce2e64d4b42b4a23fc-artsy fish tank.jpg
A concept piece by a Japanese architectural firm

i-656e09c7838397e5f2f3f225f4358bf4-artsy fish tank two.JPG
More of the above

This robotic fish tank senses which direction the fish is swimming and drives off in that direction. Could prove extremely useful in absolutely no circumstances.

i-aad53994e992e2705f26b292bd132db6-usb powered air pump and lighting.jpg
In this Korean tank, the pump and aerator are powered via USB. Additionally, temperature is controlled via software on your computer and a video feed of your fish doing their thing is streamed on your monitor.

i-476b94bb5c693212c5d7151fbb3892a6-fish in a mac.jpg
Turning your expensive Mac into a home for $.50 goldfish is a very popular hobby. See more below.

i-ef338be5c50d02fe074dddc037e82aa0-fish in mac classic aquarium.jpg
Mac Classic Tank

i-9d136600fdbb73fb563c83f43bf5affe-cat in mac.jpg
Insertz nauseating LOLZ here.

i-3fa7c935729dffb5502b3d9e3da2daf8-fish tank in a pc.jpg
PC Tank - Hard to clean, impossible to customize and frequently crashes killing all fish and requiring you to buy new ones OR insert your own mildly-clever Windows joke here. Many more computer tanks here and here.

i-f37f1998ad91d2af1aab2eea22897964-fish hell.jpg
At first I was going to call this fish hell... but if they are schooling fish, maybe this is like constant bliss.

i-2648c7151cd2473ae62bce0743f23edd-fish in car london aquarium.jpg
Car tank at the London Aquarium

Multi-level fish tank

CD player fish tank

A quick hat tip to Cephalopodcast you apparently did something like this a year ago.

More like this

I might. This is a preliminary look, based just on the web site and some tweets with the developer, of the imp (all lower case), a small computer somewhere in technology and power, perhaps, between a Raspberry pi (which is mainly a hobbiest toy) and the Intel Nuk (which is sort of a non-Mac Mac…
Almost every resource on the Internet on building your own computer is oriented towards building a gaming computer. The second most common discussion is how to build a "budget PC." When I sought out the latest information on building a computer a few weeks ago, I did not like either of these two…
While I'm away, I'm using the ScienceBlogs Blogerator 9000 to repost something from the old site. The NY Timesinterviewed me about an Australian Salmonella outbreak. From the archives: A few days ago, an article in the NY Times about multi-drug resistant Salmonella in fish tanks was published. I…
Here's some follow-up thoughts on my Salmonella-related moment of fame that I reposted yesterday So while on vacation, I was mentioned in a NY Times article about diseases that can be caught from your fish tank. The moral of the story is when cleaning your fish tank, pretend it's toilet water,…

PC Tank - Hard to clean, impossible to customize and frequently crashes killing all fish and requiring you to buy new ones OR insert your own mildly-clever Windows joke here.

That mildly clever Windows joke should involve the Blue Screen of Death.

By Tegumai Bopsul… (not verified) on 28 Jun 2008 #permalink

I always thought it would be fun to make a koi pond coffee table out of a bathtub. Seal the bathtub and have a very solid glass coffee table top raised a few inches over the top of the tub. Fill the tub with gravel, plants, water, and add koi. Alternatively, have two glass coffee table tops with a gap in the middle, so you can brush crumbs off the coffee table and into the aquarium.

By bicycle Hussei… (not verified) on 28 Jun 2008 #permalink

For the cruelty-inclined, I would suggest a fishtank made from a giant blender.

Anyway, excelllent photos but the zooilogix layout is now a complete mess in IE, rpobably because of the pasted pics.

I feel rather sorry for a lot of those fish. Goldfish tend to be sensitive to noise (actually, most fish are) -- the ones which are subject to bangs and thumps as people put things down on top of them or what have you tend to live a lot shorter time than ones in quiet tanks. Their hearts give out.

And yes, when they are properly cared for, goldfish live quite a long time; there are two in this neighbourhood which are 40 years+ (ordinary tank-dwellers, not koi in a pond), and mine are about 10.

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 29 Jun 2008 #permalink

What kind of tank do they keep you in, Andrew?

Sweden just passed legislation requiring all fish tanks to have a solid back. Clear walls on all sides leads to additional stress.

Also, I'd be careful what animals we give vehicular capabilities to. I don't want to wake up one morning to find an army of mobile goldfish burning down the Stop and Shop.

....The Fish-Bird Tank-Cage...

also known as "the kitty's dilemma"

I know this was all light hearted stuff but unfortunately cool looking tanks are always the cruelest as well. I got so angry watching these tanks and thinking how naive and ignorant the people who made them are. They should be made to live in similar conditions. Arrgghh. Preferable with water and no SCUBA. All i can say is GO SWEDEN!!!! Yes sorry for been a kill joy.

Insertz nauseating LOLZ here.

[1] im in ur akwereumz bein a katfish.

[2] teh akwariumz iz a lie.

[3] tankz 4 nuffingks.


By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 05 Jul 2008 #permalink

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By Ankara Nakliyat (not verified) on 21 Jul 2008 #permalink

thank you

By Ankara evden e… (not verified) on 21 Jul 2008 #permalink

really cool fish tank deisghs i love the toliet fish tank and the sink one that looks pretty when you wash your hands also cool bird and fish one nice!! I always loved unique fish tanks, fish always look are gorgeous swimming in the water!!!

By christina (not verified) on 09 Sep 2008 #permalink

dude your fish tanks are the best I have ever seen

By vanilla coke (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

I am amazed by these tanks! They aren't all cruel. The first one looks quite serene, like living in a molecule. The video of the multilayer fish tank is especially incredible. By the laws of physics that water should not stay up there, they must have it pressurized? I am really curious to know how it is done!

this website is amazing as fuck!!!!1
i love the fish tank sink and the like everything that happend to this website :)

Mary - the multi-level tank doesn't defy physics or need to be pressurised. Next time you're washing up, put a glass under the water. Turn it up on its end (open end downwards) and lift it out of the water, bottom first. The water will stay in the glass (until the bottom of the glass leaves the top of the water in the sink). It works up to about 10 metres - then the weight of the water becomes too much to hold it there.

Brilliant idea for a tank. Absolutely no idea how you'd clean it though.

Sadly most of the above images are little more than gimmicks, whereby the fish are treated as ornaments rather than living creatures.

Please visit the London Aquarium, and you'll realise that the most serene tanks of all are the one's designed around the fishes natural habitat, not superficial plastic things.

i think that the cone shaped tank looks anazing but there is way to many fish in the tank and personaly i think that it's crulty to the fish .ps. the fish do need room to move

By jamie lyne (not verified) on 21 Nov 2008 #permalink



This was cool to look at i just wonder how to oziginate the water in a few or how to remove dead fish and such.....

To loud for the fish. Noise in the tank is amplified considerably. Not good

By Rob Moorman (not verified) on 22 Jan 2009 #permalink

wow. those tanks are.......... very cruel. how would YOU like to be those fish in that toilet, seeing that persons behind every time they went? how would YOU like to be that fish, listening to that persons music, which, by the way, could KILL THE FISH? how would YOU like to be those fish, watching that persons dirt come off of his hands as he washed them. the people who made those tanks..... are SICK. if ANYONE EVER bought those tanks, i wouldnt put fish in them, i would put water in and plants, and just use it as a decoration, not a living space for an animal. these tanks are just heartbreaking. OK, rant over.

By A Nameless Per… (not verified) on 05 Feb 2009 #permalink

Listen to yourselves! You sound like idiots!

By does it matter (not verified) on 27 Feb 2009 #permalink

Many of the images made me wince a little, thinking of the clanks, thumps, and whirs that the fish would be subjected to. But I'd love to have the "molecule" one in a quiet, low-traffic area. I wonder if hanging a woven straw mat behind it would count as a solid back because the fish wouldn't see anyone walking past on that side? But how would I clean it? Maybe I should settle for a few rectangular tanks side by side with siphon tubes connecting them.

where did you get the Korean tank. looks like a very good idea

Wow. Ok, for those people who are freaking out about how the fish wont like to see someone's bottom while they're taking a dump, get over it. Fish have a memory of what, three seconds? Not to mention, they don't have a society where nakedness is a strange thing to view. My dog sits in the bathroom with me while I use it, not because I make him, but because he wants to. Dogs are waaaay smarter than fish, and they sure as hell don't care. Chill pills need to be issued here.

P.S. Awesome tanks, I really like the first one. Very modernized. =)

These tanks are NOT awesome, they're death traps, without exception. The way fish are treated is disgusting, if mammals were treated in the same way there would be an absolute uproar. It is completely unacceptable to treat live animals as little more than ornaments and decoration. These tanks are disgusting examples of the stupidity of the human race.

To add to the above comment go on to discover how to care for fish properly if you are thinking of keeping them, then you will understand how cruel these death traps are.

Okay - you all need to get over yourselves! The only fish tank in here that is at all 'abusive' is the CD Player. Also, yes, fish are animals, but COME ON! You can buy a goldfish for 5 cents ANYWHERE and they die in like three days. The rest of these are very cool and I really like the open bottom tank. Also, the car one is at the LONDON AQUARIUM so tell me how professionals are putting their fish in death traps? You're all a bunch of PETA kids who need some fur and a steak or two. Maybe even some sushi. I love my fish and I think these tanks are interesting and unique and interesting for their inhabitants - if they even care.

now thats what i call fish tanks

By leo soule (not verified) on 09 Oct 2009 #permalink

Goldfish may live more than 40 years, so think about it. Even they aren't as wise as dogs, it doesn't mean that it's ok to kill them just for fun. Your behaviour makes you dumber than a fish. Because of people like you, earth is dying. It's all about you you you. Sad. I'm sure your emotional intelligence is very poor. Maybe you didn't get love enough when you were little.

English is not my native language so there might be lots of misspellings.

I love a lot of these, but almost all of them are over crowded (especially the cone), the CD player one made me feel sorry for the fish. I`m wondering how you clean and get dead fish out of the molecule one though...
I freakin love the fish tank/birdcage LOL
And ROFLMAO to the person worried about fish watching people take a crap!xDD My dog sits in the bathroom with my and she doesn`t care, I`m sure fish don`t care either, LOL
Also, the toilet is basically incapable of use, because if you flush the toilet, the water and fish would end up in the toilet bowl, and also, the tank part would have to have the pipe to the rest of the toilet sealed off in order for the tank to stay

By glassoniongirl (not verified) on 18 Jan 2010 #permalink

Sometimes in order to lesson the anger and sadness I feel when I see things like the fish cone at the restaurant, or the cd player, I imagine really awful people being reincarnated as the creatures in those tanks. Seriously, a clear room with speakers blasting vibrations into your sensitive body, no hiding from sound or light, and every time you see that little tray slip out from underneath you know you will endure a new form of torture. Or being stuck in and endless circular/cone like glass hell(Ill definitely agree, on another post it said all of the fish only live 6 days in it!)where theres a hundred other lost souls just swimming around in a circle constantly able to see the vast openess of the room and never being able to get out, then dying.

If bad people went there Id feel half ok about it. Then again I'm not one for promoting negativity(anymore)or letting vicious cycles continue. Two wrongs don't make a right. Still sometimes when i see something I can't immediately do anything about, as far as animal cruelty, I think of that. I take action too, but it lessons the in the meantime blow for me.

I must say, i think the whole toilet comment was in regards to how disrespectful that is, rather than you focusing on the butt or poop part, though I guess you could easily argue the fish don't know they are being treated as such with nice plants and decent room, Ive seen way worse care of fish than that. My concern would be the loud flushing noise every day, all day.

As far as the coffee table, if you lived somewhere no one ever bumped the table and there were coaters to soften the blow, that probably wouldn't be so harsh for the fish...and painted one side of the table or gave them many hiding spots and rock caves to get a break...most people arent going to take those precautions though.

I like the couch one a lot but it seems awfully see through and very bright for the poor fishies.

By Tiffany Rose (not verified) on 13 Feb 2010 #permalink

Just to clear a few things up, the toilet bowl tank has a water tank in the middle seperated from the fish to feed the toilet when you flush so no fish are sent back to the sea each time you go. The two level tank is a bit of a mystery to me still becuse the inverse pressure theroy would only be right if there was no air stone feeding the upper layer bubbles as it seems there is on that one which would slowly fill the upper tank with air and empty the water but it is not doing that so please let us know the trick! Lastly, animal crulty is animal crulty so keep that in mind whether dealing with a goldfish or a killer whale, think before you buy and do your best to provide a healthy enviroment if you do and remebr, if you have to evacuate, take your pets with you.

By Fish freind (not verified) on 05 Mar 2010 #permalink

Great stuff guys! I really donât know how much time it takes for your guys to compile such a list of excellent resources but it takes a lot of time for me to digest it all! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Oh my goodness!! I love these pictures!

By Jo Foster (not verified) on 30 Apr 2010 #permalink

it says 'post a comment' not 'post an essay'

By anonymous (not verified) on 03 Jun 2010 #permalink

You should just because they are lower in the food chain. I love fish and the sea! Poor sea creatures... Oh, and yes, we should not underestimat

Ok, I feel bad for some of these guys. I mean, some of these tanks can be harmfull to fish. VERY creative, but sad. Most fish are sensitive to loud sounds, and a lot of these creative tanks use a lot of sound. Fish will live a long time if cared for properly.

By random person (not verified) on 19 Jul 2010 #permalink

I would not put the tank robot on a cofee table if I were you! 1. fish arent good with having their home being bumped into stuff. 2. It could roll right off the table if the fish is swiming in that direction! The ones that I think are a good idea is the multi-level fish tank and modular fish tank. The bird-fish one be good for a spawning tank for Siamese Fighting Fish but not a good idea for birds because if the water is cold, it can make the air the birds are in making it the same tempature like cold lakes and oceans change the climate of the air. steps to making it a spawning (mating tank) 1 Fill both tank and inside "cage with water. 2 Read the directions to make siamese fighting fish mate on a local fish website. Now I am talking too much...

By anonimous (not verified) on 22 Jul 2010 #permalink

So Maddie, a $0.05 goldfish is not worth keeping alive. No matter how cheap it is, that goldfish still has the potential to grow 12"+ and live for decades, not three days. It's just the your horrible care that killed them. Learn about the topic before talking like a know-it-all. BTW, that car isn't a death trap, it's actually very adequate if maintained properly.

Calling caring people who are concerned for the lives of these animals PETA kids? So, when did name-calling caring individuals became manners?

Maddie, you are the kind of individuals who make this world horrible. Learn more about this topic before talking back at the people who actually know what they're doing.

I'm so proud of all the people who see these tanks as cruel. Maybe there is hope for us humans after all...

By Anna Vieth (not verified) on 12 Aug 2010 #permalink

Who cares I fish all the time and that kills the fish

The ones that I think are a good idea is the multi-level fish tank and modular fish tank. The bird-fish one be good for a spawning tank for Siamese Fighting Fish but not a good idea for birds because if the water is cold, it can make the air the birds are in making it the same tempature like cold lakes and oceans change the climate of the air

Counter rant in three , two , one ...
1st off stop bitching their fish
2nd most fish actually perfer to be in an area with a lot of fish
3rd most toilets now days are next to silent
4th the only one I disagree with is the music one
5th if you gonna bitch then bitch about somethin thats worth your fuckin time like the economy or budget cuts or Indians stealin pay checks in casinos
6th these tanks are butiful expensive and time consumeing to make not to mention use less
7th ya their useless but let me think we have the , no I'll make alist of things that are expensive and useless ehem

1 the statue of liberty
2 the iffle tower
3 the sears tower
4 the space exploration projects
5 paper
6 electricity
7 the list goes on trust me

thats why i like it, next you should make a fish tank in a working mouse and a mouse mat fish tank.all I'd say is....................................................................GO FISHY TANKY WILDY.......................................................

Wow, have I got a lot to say.
1st off, The fish are living things, so anybody who thinks that you can just kill them for no particular reason is an ideot, an deserves to be treated as such. Just let Karma take care of them. Watch, someday they'll be the ones stuck in the fish tank.
2nd, the tank with the fish surrounding the bird tank would actually be torture to the birds, because many species of birds hunt fish, and so the birds would end up smacking into the glass repeatedly while the fishes watched and laughed at them.
And 3rd, yes, the tanks are torture, but only if you live in a house of ideots who actually use those things for everyday use. If it were me, I'd just stick all of the tanks in an an unused room so that I could look at the fishes swim instead of actualy using the furniture.

The Fish next to blaring music is ridiculous and the idea should not be entertained.

By Chantelle (not verified) on 26 Oct 2010 #permalink

They should be made to live in similar conditions. Arrgghh. Preferable with water and no SCUBA. All i can say is GO SWEDEN!!!! Yes sorry for been a kill joy



By Carly marie Thompson (not verified) on 29 Nov 2010 #permalink

They are only pictures of tanks that are probably very expensive and few people buy them, and for those of you who think they are cruel, then simply don't buy them!


* Mac aquarium - Requires more expensive fish costing double what they should, but move twice as slowly as expected while eating and pooping twice as much. The fish only come in a limited selection of solid white or black shiny, because the rainbow is already taken by the gay looking Apple logo. All Mac Aquarium owners sit around the Apple Genius bar to discuss how no one understands their world of high fashion, or what a genius Steve Jobs is for "inventing" aquarium hose that is the thinnest and lightest in existence while charging four times the price for it. Three times the price to make the hose, and an extra time just to pocket an extra hefty sum. However due to the MacAqauriums being so thin, and also glued together, the fish tend to die within 3 months unless the unit is serviced, for a premium, at a specialized apple dealership that can change the water and re-assemble the cheap plexi-glass tanks back into their uni-body aluminum frames.

And all fish come directly from Apple ONLY, and when one gets sick you must visit a certified Apple Genus center to have the Apple Scare program inform you that you are no longer covered, and your fish will die if you don't pay another huge sum. While some have complained that the Mac Aqaurium has only two kinds of fish, most users are happy with the limited selection. Another interesting aspect of the Mac Aquarium is that all the fish only have ONE fin to swim with, so they go around endlessly in circles. This prevents the fish from bumping into the highly polished plexi-glass.


By zingwoosh (not verified) on 19 Dec 2010 #permalink

cont.. interestingly enough the ONE fin fish have been highly compared to Apple's ONE button mouse... When Steve Job's was asked why he'd do something so cruel, his answer was that it hasn't stopped him in the past from playing equally devious and hideous jokes on it's customers for cash.

By zingwoosh (not verified) on 19 Dec 2010 #permalink