"World's Ugliest" Dolphins Filmed for the First Time

Australian snubfin dolphins. They don't look so ugly to us, but then again, Andrew and I are hideous to behold ourselves.

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Bah, those are cute beasties! Here I was expecting something to curl my (dwindling supply of) hair. So they've got a bit of a snub nose -- still charming as heck.

By G Barnett (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

Even if they were ugly (which they aren't! They're cute!), it's extremely rude of people to call them that.

They kinda look like beluga whales (in the face, at least). Nothing ugly about that!

From what I saw in that video, my vote is for the boto river dolphin--that's the Amazonian pink one. And even so, it's really the particular one in the particular shot. Maybe it's just one ugly dolphin named Orville or something who's unattractive.