Death Panda

They just don't write spine tinglers about killer pandas like they used to. Check out Heroic Comics #35, Facing Death in a Panda's Mouth, in its entirety below the fold.

i-06c78955e61e0138b5227f19f1026b2e-giant panda.jpg

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Thank god they shot that panda. I thought they were goners! Via judgeabook.

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Gee whiz, I wish I'd married an adventuresome New York lawyer who would drag ME to the other side of the world to kill pandas!

They forgot to mention the panda's blood-curdling growl when baring its fangs. "Mountains of China along the Tibet border" are much safer now.

This reminds me a B-horror Holywood flick "Marsupials". Its a bad way to leave this world, getting mauled to death by koalas.

I went to the National Zoo last week and saw two pandas eating bamboo.

All I'll say is, if you were a bamboo stick, you wouldn't be laughing.

Reading the first panel, "a rare beast, a giant panda, Dean's wife!" makes for a much more interesting story.

Holy Jeez! Those folks were lucky! Pandas are killers! It was the panda or them!

By The Panda Man (not verified) on 13 Apr 2009 #permalink

that is amasing