Bat-eared Foxes for No Good Reason

I have had this picture for a while just waiting for groundbreaking news about Bat-eared foxes. Well it never came but I can't just stare at the little guys any longer and not post them.

i-e566a3383d248baad838dec4c3ca0d78-bat eared foxes.jpg

Photo credit Floridapfe of South Korea's Everland Zoo

They aren't babies and therefore not ZooBorn's fodder, but they are pretty ridiculous. Insects make up 80% of the Bat-eared fox diet. The other 20% comprises rainbows and Hello Kitty memorabilia.

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By Mike James (not verified) on 06 Apr 2009 #permalink

A face that cute is its own good reason.

Gosh, they look like fennec hares.