Lobster Knife Fight

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Bowerbirds are certainly my favorite examples of animals that build elaborate courtship and mating structures, such as the structure shown below being decorated with blue bottle caps by a male satin bowerbird (image credit: Alan Fear). Also check out this video clip from the BBC showing…
We (I) here at Zooillogix have a thing for lobsters. It involves Belgium, pasta tongs, and a Dutch boy named Lourens. I'll leave it at that. Anyway, this mutant lobster was pulled out of the briny depths near Newport, RI earlier this month. Lobsterman Patrick Marks sometimes releases lobster "…
Undated, unidentified giant lobster picture from the crazy Russian news.
A couple of weeks ago we brought you the classic interweb hit from circa 2000 - Lobster Magnet. Well now we bring you what might be our greatest interview ever. Forget about Jane Goodall and eminent biologists, today we have the sacred words of Ben Apgar, co-creator of Lobster Magnet. When we…

Perhaps they are only on practice fight?

I had those on my genitals once.

Man, this is so much more surreal than even Dali would have dared go. But also, awesome!


'Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You Kill my father, prepare to die!'

So... was this emailed to all subscribers today or am I just special?