Giant Millipede and Mite Friends

If millipedes were not adorable enough on their own, they are often teeming with special little mites. The millipede and the mites typically have a symbiotic relationship wherein the millipede provides the mites with a home and the mites provide an extra layer of terror in the event that an elementary school child on a field trip actually builds up the courage to hold the Giant African millipede.

Who's seen Cloverfield?

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Living in the rain forest, in certain seasons, these big guys would be running back and forth on the open spaces like pigeons in the park. Other places their exoskeleton, white and bleached out, form the main detritus in low spots and cracks.

Ah-ha! Some old friends! We used to have these in Zambia where they're called chongololos. My son used to love to get them to curl up into tight spirals.

By Hilary Minor (not verified) on 14 Jul 2009 #permalink

I have found a couple of similar thingies drowned in my pool.