And on the third day, God created the zoo and aquarium shot glass

Who, I ask you, is the coolest human being on the planet? Well yesterday (continuing through today and possibly tomorrow) it was Beth F. for sending me this rocking shot glass from the Oakland Zoo.

i-32656e318eae67bd4b79dd53dc732671-oakland zoo.jpg

Awesome things in this photo include: Oakland Zoo Shot Glassitude, my thumb, waffle-weave polyester couch.

Additionally, I also recently acquired a Honolulu Zoo shot glass. So that brings the collection up to 39! I'll tell you this... whoever supplies me with my 40th zoo or aquarium shot glass will get something really special. I won't divulge exactly what it is, but it will involve glitter and puffy paint...

Where we stand:

Adventure Aquarium
Aquarium of the Bay
Baton Rouge Zoo
Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Bronx Zoo
Brookfield Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Florida Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium
Honolulu Zoo
Knoxville Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo
Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT
Milwaukee Zoo
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mystic Aquarium
New England Aquarium
New York Aquarium
Newport Aquarium
North Carolina Aquarium
North Carolina Zoological Society
Oakland Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo
Rio Grande Zoo
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
San Antonio Zoo
San Diego Zoo
San Francisco Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
Sea World San Diego
Seattle Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium
Smithsonian National Zoo
South Carolina Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium
Vancouver Aquarium


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Why not make it "zoo, aquarium and insectarium" shot glass collection?
Then I could be the 40th. I'm pretty desperate these days. But not the sort of desperation that some glittery puff paint couldn't take care of.