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Thanks to a few recent generous donations, the World's Largest Zoo and Aquarium Shot Glass Collection is coming along quite nicely. I know you were all burning to know. Below is a picture of the fabulous collector's case I have stuffed most of them in. You will see it doubles as a shrine to lobsters.

i-ab90f09c914e52970501ec4e826e5ca9-Zoo Shotglasses 005.jpg

Please remember, I happily accept donations and will thank you in the sidebar leading to certain fame and fortune. So here's the count:

Adventure Aquarium
Baton Rouge Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Brookfield Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Florida Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium
Knoxville Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo
Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT
Milwaukee Zoo
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mystic Aquarium
New England Aquarium
New York Aquarium
Newport Aquarium
Philadelphia Zoo
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
San Diego Zoo
San Francisco Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
Sea World San Diego
Shedd Aquarium
Smithsonian National Zoo
South Carolina Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium

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Oh I'm bookmarking this! If I had known earlier, I would've gotten something from the Honolulu Aquarium or Zoo.

Gasp, nothing from Baltimore?! Also, that left lobster plushie is too cute.

It looks great! Too many sci-blogs are overdosing on election blogging. Zoo shot glasses are much more interesting!

This is definitely a good deal! The press hasn't stopped calling since this was posted. :)

I'll try to pick one up from the oregon zoo next time I'm around

Damn it, I would have totally gotten one from Sea World Orlando if I had remembered--I was just there in the beginning of August!

If I hit the Sanford zoo or Lowry park again in the next few months I'll send one your way--would you be averse to having one from Busch Gardens?

Jenbug - For sure. Busch Gardens is AZA so they're in the cool kids camp.

You have yet to aquire a VANCOUVER AQUARIUM shotglass, that's a shame. I may have to send one your way as I work there.

ALSO: I know you are very excited about your new site and i wanted to inform you that our Aquarium had a new baby beluga just a few months ago that they just named. I think it's high time i saw some Canadian Whale Calfs up in thurr.

By Miss Fauna (not verified) on 30 Oct 2008 #permalink