Graphic Elephant Birth

Dave Goldenberg of Gelf Magazine was kind enough to send along this very graphic, often upsetting, but ultimately pretty awesome video of a baby elephant birth in Indonesia. Watch to the end.

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I was cheering lil elephant on like crazy. STAAAAAND!

drmabu7 - you may want to recruit that elephant. It seems quite good at kicking. Compared to that site, this is a really good idea.

Kicking heads of atheists? What??? I don't get it.

Wow! Those people have nerves of steel. It's so hard to wait and let the mom take care of it. After all, sometimes the mothers really screw up. But this one knew what she was doing. Good of them to share this, blood and kicks and all. That's a strong, strong baby. The two new-borns I worked with were both born sick, so it's a pleasure to see one hop up like that.