Eight Years Of Blogging

I've been blogging for a bit more than eight years now, and today Aard turns seven. Traffic for late 2013 is ~600 daily readers, pretty low compared to the most recent peak at 1000 in early 2012. This is probably because of my lower posting frequency and because the URLs of individual older blog entries changed when ScienceBlogs migrated to WordPress last year. The lower posting frequency, in its turn, is largely due to Facebook, where stuff that might have made short blog entries in 2007 ends up now. Some of the Facebook bits show up here afterwards as Pieces of My Mind.

As to Sb in general, I have no contact with the other bloggers here and hardly any contact with National Geographic that runs the place. We haven't had an editor or a backstage forum in years. But we do get paid -- still at the 2006 rate and still slightly late. I still get contacted by publicists who offer me books and DVDs to review but I rarely take them up on their offers.

But never mind that. I still love blogging! And it's good to see that people still like reading blogs.

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Congrats - and fun you'll keep it up. I've been more lazy on the archaeology front, though more active when it comes wine blogging. Keep the good stuff coming!