More robots etc. from SFO


Okay, kids - I know you loved those robot photos from SFO's science fiction in popular culture exhibit. So before my flight out of SFO after New Year's, I snagged a few more snapshots! First up: Spaceman Air Freshener. Umm, that doesn't exactly instill confidence - I think the space station probably smells like a rusty latrine.


Ahhhhhh! Attack of the space Mrs. Butterworths!


Tom Corbett Space Academy. (It's just like a wild west fort - in space.)


"Mr. Hustler?" Really?


These are a few female space alien figurines. I'm not sure how powerful a blow they struck for feminism in Mr. Hustler's era, given that they all have skimpy outfits and/or babies. But at least they indicate that women were part of the big picture.


"Captain Video:" if it was not a show on Nickelodeon in the late 80s, it should have been. (What is this game supposed to be? Turntables for a space DJ?)

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Hey, the air freshener isn't for the space station -- it's for use on other planets. The air on Jupiter is pretty noxious. "I declare this planet to be April Fresh!"

That terminal has had some great exhibits.

By Mrs. Grackle (not verified) on 21 Jan 2009 #permalink

There have to be women in science fiction. Who else would the stalwart and manly hero save from the bug eyed monsters.

Hmmm... as a female, perhaps that's why I tended to root for the BEM's.

I just wanted to randomly interject that I found your OLD blog doing an image search for old etchings of carboniferous life forms.
As soon as I saw it I was in LOVE!
I've been reading back and over a ton of this stuff, and it's wonderful- I just love your blog- thanks