But then why don't they BLEED?


Artist Jason Freeny asks us to suspend our disbelief for this mashup of two of my favorite things ever: anatomy and Lego. Surprisingly, after ripping the interchangeable heads and legs off hundreds of Lego people during my misspent youth, I find I can almost believe they *are* alive.

You can order Jason's poster here - he has also created posters for gummy bear anatomy and balloon animal anatomy. These would be excellent additions to a physiology teaching lab. Plus, Jason has created a free iPhone wallpaper of the Visible Lego Man, which is now on my phone:


Thanks, Jason!

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I want! That would go so well in my office, right next to my print of Michael Sowa's Sailors, and my personally autographed TMNT drawing done by Kevin Eastman.

....why is the Lego dude wearing a singlet and undies...? How distracting. Must be just me...?

By Kim Hunter (not verified) on 05 Feb 2009 #permalink