Let's review the definition of "permanent"

Because I don't think the creators of Guitar Hero World Tour quite get it. . .


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Ok...that made laugh pretty hard! hahaha

I hope you posted this because you saw the humor that the makers of Guitar Hero purposely put in this message and not because you really think they "don't quite get it". If you really do think that, then you are the one who "doesn't quite get it" (the joke). Those of us familar with this game and the previous versions know that most of the messages within the game contain the same type of humor. For instance, amplifiers with volume knobs that can be turned up to 11 because its just louder than the ones that only go to 10 (an obvious reference to the cult mockumentary - This Is Spinal Tap).

Actually, I posted it because I think it's dumb. While I appreciate some of Guitar Hero's cheesy humor, I find this one less than impressive. They can do better, don't you think?