Setting the table


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of dinnerware that's just too fascinating to cover with food. Like Hiroshi Tsunoda's Bodylicious plates, available at DesignCode. According to Street Anatomy, Tsunoda was

inspired by Nyotaimori, a tradition where food is presented on a naked woman's body and used as a tray. Nyotaimori is also referred to as body sushi, and requires the person to practice laying for hours without moving.

Wow, I'm not sure what to say. But at least the plates are equal opportunity: there's a Bodylicious Y set too!


Moving from Homo sapiens to marine invertebrates, these melamine plates by Thomas Paul include a cephalopod and three crustaceans - perfect for seafood, I guess, but why would you want to hide these patterns?


Here's another option for sushi: Shawna Pincus' primitive Hunt sushi set, from the pinkkiss etsy store. Her work is like Altamira crossed with Anthropologie!


Unfortunately, I don't think it's available anymore, although she has mugs in the same style. But while browsing etsy I circled all the way around to Homo sapiens again, with this plate from soule's etsy shop:


Now that's appetizing!

Finally, I'll leave you with something entirely different: birds dressed as European royalty. But of course! Don't we all need a raven prince with a bee on his shoulder, or a matriarch goose with creepy human hands?


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