Skeleton hands = haute couture?

Jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez is young, a fourth-generation member of the Fendi family, and apparently obsessed with anatomy. Her most intriguing creation is a Skeletor-like carpal gauntlet:


The silver hand will cost you about $24K. If you haven't got that much disposable income, she also does smaller pieces: earrings and necklaces inspired by eyes, lips, spiders, cephalopods, frogs, etc. They're pretty, but I keep coming back to that hand and thinking it's so cynically appropriate to put a bony skeleton hand on a fashion model.

Found via haute macabre

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It's not jewellery - it's a Borg assimilation device. She stole it from Seven of Nine in Star Trek Voyager!

Holy shit. WANT.

$24k, though, not bloody likely. Maybe I can make one out of polished wood? Or...bone?

The link is right. The artist's site appears to be down, as you can see if you try to click through from the Haute Macabre link also.

I'd prefer it if she had one that looked more like a guy's accesory that extended into claws.

By Jacob Myers (not verified) on 12 Jun 2010 #permalink