Johanna Mueller, 2004

Artists I'm looking forward to seeing at the 10th annual Artomatic, #1: printmaker Johanna Mueller, whose woodcuts resemble the illustrations from a dark and hallucinogenic children's book. No wonder her blog is called "Feverish Art."

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You know it's funny, one would think that books illustrated like that just wouldn't be attractive to kids or might even scare them. But my eldest (seven) and I just read one that was, if anything, a little darker than this and he loved it. I was a little reticent to read it just before bed, but it didn't seem to cause problems...

This piece reminded me of the movie, "Watership Down" which absolutely terrified me as a kid. I still loved the movie and watched it whenever I could.

That's a curious yet exquisite piece by the way.

By Joe Leasure (not verified) on 24 Apr 2009 #permalink