My first thought on seeing the new Toyota Prius commercial was, "are those cells and membranes?!" No, they're people in costumes, but the resemblance of the Prius' cartoon world to a cell animation is pretty remarkable. The sun TOTALLY looks like it has transmembrane receptors on it.

My second thought was, wow, this is perhaps the first commercial I have seen to really make compelling use of high-definition TV. I kept getting closer and closer to my screen. So do yourself a favor, and click through to watch it in high-def if you have a decent connection. It's hypnotizing.

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So in your cell membrane analogy, are most of those people in costume like many in this country? Little fatty lipids?

Gah! It does look like cells, and you are correct- it was transfixing.
Commericals are either thoroughly obnoxious or totally engrossing. Funny.

I completely forgot to look at the sun since I was trying to figure out how they did a simple colour change from white to green and everything is made of people - just like Soylent green :P This is one of those rare ads that when it comes on you would stop what you're doing and watch it from start to end. You also get their message/brand. Brilliant.