Win your favorite science blogger a Strange Quark!

It is no secret that 3 Quarks Daily is one of my favorite blogs. It's the first blog I told my boyfriend to put on his Google Reader (he'd already added BioE, but still). Which is why I'm overjoyed to announce that 3QD has created its own prize for blogging. It's called a Quark. Oh, how I covet the Quark - especially the Strange Quark. And the finalists are to be judged by the 3QD editors and their guest judge . . . Stephen Pinker! w00t!

Any blog post on a natural or social science topic published since May 24, 2008 is eligible. The catch? Nominations are only open until midnight on June 1. Yes, that's Monday. So please, start nominating your favorite science entries from BioE and your other favorite blogs ASAP, so 3QD gets a great turnout for their first competition!

Read the full contest and nomination details here!

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Dear Jessica,

Thank you SO much. I am so touched and pleased by your words. I didn't know your blog before, but like what I see. Remind me to add you to our "Recommended Links" and keep doing it until I do! (I am crazily busy for a few days.)

All best,