From "Drudgery" to "Printing": AAAS' take on the dissertation


Writing a dissertation is rarely fun. Most scientists I know look back on grad school as, well, a circle of Hell. But it's interesting when AAAS, the professional organization of scientists, endorses this viewpoint - as they appear to do in this T-shirt, which comes free with membership.

Come on, kids! Show everyone how you really feel about your degree! Remind your family that you're not "that kind of doctor!" Relive the horror of finding a typo in a footnote and having to reprint your entire dissertation on the day it is due!

I get the cynical humor, but why didn't AAAS have xkcd design a shirt for them? xkcd makes me happy to be a science nerd.

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FORMATTING!!! they *need* a symbol with head bashing on keyboard for this! it goes somewhere between Despair and Drudgery #2, with a loop around Printing to include an image of the library sending you non-stop "REJECT FORMAT" messages.


nice to know they appreciate all the work that gets put in, and think so highly of the efforts of young budding scientists.


Enjoyed the shirt but found it disappointing that it only comes in man sizes, of which the small does not fit with my lactation status. I will have to consult with our friends at the AAAS about this!