Maybe you have a kidney in YOUR wrist. . .


Okay, so this apron by Aksel Varichon is awesome. Very fun. But what's with the oven mitt?


If the premise of the apron is that we're seeing internal anatomy partially revealed on the wearer's body, doesn't the matching mitt imply that we have little hearts and kidneys in our wrists?

The artist also makes tablecloths and placemats with similar designs, but those don't really bother me, because it's not like your table has viscera to be revealed. I'll admit, it's not like the apron's anatomy is accurate - it has one lung, a really bizarre circulatory system, and it's missing many major organs. But still, I think the apron falls under "stylization" while the mitt is more "I slapped anatomy stuff on this not because it's relevant, but because it's trendy." I'd like the mitt if it was remotely anatomically plausible - like the apron.

Am I being too harsh here? Am I a kitchen anatomy Grinch? Do tell.

Via Street Anatomy.

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I agree with you. The apron by itself is fun, but becomes kinda silly when paired with the mitts. They should've left well enough alone.

I'm with you on this one, Jessica.

Of course, there should also be a matching chef's hat with brains on it.

Yeah, I tend to agree with you, especially since the mitt has blood vessel shapes corresponding to 5 fingers. There's no need for a kidney as well. I like the apron, though.

My sister is a music teacher and it drives her nuts when artistic renderings of music notes make no sense.

I'm in complete agreement with your critique of the mitts. The fact that there are blood vessels extending into each of the fingers only confuses the issue further.

The average Joe or Sue is already confused enough about his/her anatomy (e.g. "I have to take out my tampon before I pee because, isn't it, um, the same hole"? Or my all time favorite -- If I cough too hard, can I cough my tampon up into my mouth?). So, why not believe that we have teeny tiny kidneys in our wrists?

I know. I'm still in shock that some twenty-year-old girls don't know what's going on down there.

I'm going with grinch:)

As you point out, both designs are fanciful. They also work well together (on the model).

I don't know the first thing about anatomy (well maybe the first thing, as I didn't expect to cough up my embryonic children), but *I* think that the oven mitts should be adorned with the nervous structure of the hand, that which would be helping you to hurt REALLY BAD if you weren't wearing said mitts when indicated.