Blogcation, all I ever wanted. Blogcation, had to get away

Hola BioE readers,

I've been blogging at Scienceblogs for two years this month, and prior to that, I blogged for another year at my own site. So it is not surprising that I am very, very tired.

Blogging uses up a big chunk of my dwindling free time, which I also need for such things as reading non-work-related books, going to the gym, writing long-delayed letters to friends, and cooking with my boyfriend. Not to mention maybe painting something for once, which was the original focus of this blog long, long ago.

So I'm going on blogcation, effective immediately. I expect I'll be back in a month or so. In the meantime, I've scheduled a few posts to pop up now and then so the blog won't be completely dead. But I won't be responding to comments or emails in a timely fashion, nor will I be following the conversations at other blogs. And despite the timing, this has nothing to do with any other bloggers' recent decisions to do anything similar - I've been planning this for a while. I just need a break from this rather large, ahem, oblogation.

Have a wonderful February and see you in a month!


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Get your batteries recharged, produce some original art, get out and have some fun. We'll be glad to see you when you return.

I know its contradictory, but enjoy your time off and I'm sorry to here it. I skim other sci blogs for areas of interest but yours and one other I read regularly. Enjoy off to comment on cardboard rockets and game trophies...

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 15 Feb 2010 #permalink

Your are a fantastic and refreshing voice not only at ScienceBlogs but in the larger science blogosphere where a lot of us also care about our artistic abilities or interests. I had to take some time off and it was much wiser than just shuttering the blog. We'll be here for you so take all the time you need.

You rock! Be well.

Aww...sad news! But have a good time away, you've been consistantly producing amazing blog posts, so it will certainly be well-deserved time off! look forward to when you return :)