cardboard safari: lasercut ephemera

Astro Rocket

I got my boyfriend one of these adorable Astro Rockets from cardboard safari for Valentine's Day. The large ones are frighteningly expensive, but the smallest one is cute, remarkably well designed, and despite being cardboard, has that pleasant burnt-wood odor of a carpentry shop. Mmmm, laser-cuts.

They also have these kind of hilarious cardboard big game trophies:


I have seen a collection of these in a gallery, and they're pretty awesomely weird.

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I enjoy building balsa and tissue model airplanes...particularly models of early aviation. Part of the enjoyment is this sort of look. I've seen different balsa and cardboard cut-outs like this and they all look pretty cool!

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 15 Feb 2010 #permalink