Vintage science for the walls

Time / Science : Science / Library

This series of sciart wallpapers by Dan Funderburgh were inspired by the Time-Life Science Library, a series of educational books published in the 1960s. For those of us old enough to remember them, Time-Life's series are objects of nostalgia in themselves. Coupling the vintage design and palettes of those books with vintage sci-art symbolism yields a sharply contemporary set of prints.

Science / Library installation

Funderburgh describes his work as "a repudiation of the fabricated schism between art and decoration;" you could also describe it as a repudiation of the fabricated gulf between science and design. (Fun fact: CP Snow was a consulting editor for the Time-Life series). Funderburgh says, "The work is a recognition of the art of knowledge and of the poetry of things we do not and can not know. It's also a tribute to my parents who are biochemists and my grandfather - an engineer who left me the books." Mmmm, science books + design + art + printing!

Showing at Vallery, which has photos of the opening and prints available (warning - in euros. Good luck).

Via She Walks Softly and NotCot.

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