Getting Crazy...

I'm about to leave town. Oh, and I'm about to start my Adapting in Place Class. And I'm about to begin my new liveblogging project. And I have to clean the barn, vaccinate the goats, band two goats and get my life ready to run with only one adult. And do a lot of laundry. Oh, and I'm the only member of the ASPO board of directors anyone can reach right now (everyone else is in varying stages of transport), so I'm in charge, scary as that is. Gah!

Some notes: First, blog will not be quiet this week, but will be very busy! John, Molly and Shannon and possibly a couple of others, plus me, will be posting blog reports on this very site of what's up at ASPO - and there's a ton up. You'll meet them soon, I hope. It probably will be quiet on Wednesday, though, as I get my act together.

Second - I still am holding a spot for Andrew at UNH Exeter whose email was devoured by my computer - Andrew if you want a free ticket to the conference, email ASAP - by the end of the day I'll have to give it to someone else. I also had a second donation of a free spot, so if someone else is in the greater DC area and would like to attend the conference *for free!!!!* you can do so. First come, first served!

Thoidly, I still have one scholarship and three others spots in the AIP class - last chance!

Ok, crazy time begins...but fun stuff!


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"Thoidly" - what a choice word selection!

Blessed be, and blessings on all your plans, activities, tasks, and friends.