12-month meme for 2009

Getting this from Drugmonkey - the first line from the first post of each month this year. Looks like I should pay attention to having snappy first lines!

The first half of the year is all about preparing for my comprehensive exams and the second half of the year is all about recovering from taking them! Let's hope next year brings a dissertation proposal defense and writing, writing, writing.

January: Finished Yin [link]

February: This is 2 weeks, and really quite paltry. [link]

March: I'm now back into re-reading, so notes will be shorter (and I'm hoping to pick up speed). [link]

April: Very disappointing progress for assorted reasons, not related to the book itself. [link]

May: (all this of course, IMHO, and not representing anyone else - but I'd like to start a conversation) [link]

... this is when I moved to ScienceBlogs ...

June: Please check out and comment on John's post on Looking for Ideas for the Information Science Channel [link]

July: seem to be for Bing, the re-branded "new" search engine from Microsoft. [link]

August: John Wilbanks is brilliant - let's just get that down first. [link]

September: Sometimes so many things come up at the same time it becomes difficult if impossible to ignore. [link]

October: No internet at home (thanks, comcast #fail) and really busy at work... I'll be back soon! [link]

November: On day three [of the 4S conference] I only made two sessions - and the second was incredibly disappointing (I have serious problems with the study design) so I'll just briefly chat about the first, which was pretty awesome. [link]

December: ASME- the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - has a series of journals that are heavily used by mechanical, aerospace, and even civil engineers. [link]

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